Favorites in Kigali

What are your favorites in Kigali? Sylvia’s Suggestions….

Looking for something to do?  Well, Cousin Sylvia decided to grace the family with a few of her favorites around Kigali. Sylvia relocated to Rwanda in October 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.  Sylvia is a lover of all things that are creative and finds herself deep in that zone.  This past New Yorker loves being around arts, poetry, fashion and those things that spark the vibrancy of the world.


Hungry?  Stop by these restaurants and grab a bite to eat!


Joll of Kigali Nigerian Restaurant 

Meze Fresh 

Casa Keza 

Red Hand- Indian Restaurant 

The Hut 

Bamboo Chinese Restaurant 

Millennium Bar 

Ikawa Kafe 


Borneo Indonesian Restaurant 

Kurry Kingdom


Maybe you want a snack, or a smooth atmosphere.  These are the cafes that you should put on your list of your  favorites in Kigali. 

Shokola Roof Top Cafe/Public Library 

Brioche Cafe 

Camellia Café 

Turambe Cafe 

Question Coffee

The Craft Cafe 

Rubia Coffe Roasters 

Cocoa Bean 

Java House 

Inzora Cafe/Bookshop 

Ikawa Kafe 


The Women’s Cafe 

Confused, don’t know where to go?  Make it easy and be in these places.

Kigali Heights ( Stores, Shops, Restaurants, Banks) 


Ready to do some activities?  Here, take a tour through these places.  

Sunday Park  

Fazenda Sangha 

Umusambi Village / Conservatory  

Niyo Art Gallery  

Inshuti Art Gallery  

Azizi Life  

Izabayo Art 

Kigali City Tours 

Genocide Memorial  

Walking Tours 


 Love your body?  Focused on health…then make sure you visit these shops. 

Ami Body Organics 

Kandaka Naturals 

Vital Organics 



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