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Social Media Groups and Staying Connected

Actually, in Rwanda….social media is very important for multiple reasons.  It serves as a connector between people and is actually the fastest way to spread the word or even more importantly…the news.

To ensure timely and fast notification, major announcements from Ministry are often posted on Twitter first and then passed around to people through Whatsapp, radio, word of mouth then television.  Because of that, if you have access to Twitter, go ahead and follow a few the posted handles below.

Ministry of Health of Rwanda  (@RwandaHealth)

Rwanda Government (@RwandaGov)

Office of the Prime Minister  (@PrimatureRwanda)

New Times Rwanda (@NewTimesRwanda)

Facebook Groups

Don’t forget to join our private Facebook community for My Cousin Connection!!  Here are some other helpful groups that have great information about living in Rwanda.  Just click the title and a link will take you to the group.

Kigali Expat Social

Meet with other expats living and working in Kigali for coffee, drinks, supper, clubbing, safaris and much more!
Expats who are either currently living in Kigali or about to move to Kigali. This is a social interactions and discussions forum.

Living in Kigali

Open to anyone who lives in Kigali, loves Kigali, wants to move to Kigali, or is planning a visit here. The group is for anyone in Kigali (or elsewhere in Rwanda) who wants to buy or sell items, ask for advice, share relevant news stories, find a room mate or a place to live, etc.
Business advertisements are accepted once a week

Kigali Gardens

A place to swap seeds, cuttings & tips about gardening in Kigali.

Rwanda Buy & Sell

Feel free to post here if you have something for Sell/Buy or know anything exciting happening in Rwanda .
Please include a short description of the item/discovery, its time and location.
This group is for entrepreneurs in Kigali to help each other with practical advise on business-related questions, such as business registration, staff management, taxes and so on.
As this is an informal group and not one of experts, please always indicate where your information comes from or when you are not sure.
If you have any more to suggest, let us know and we will add them to the article or just comment below.

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  1. (This question is a follow-up to a previous Q & A.) Herein; if you enter Rwanda on a “Retirement Visa” and, since you therefore cannot open a business then, are you authorized to make Investments in other persons business for profit? Hummm. Ty.

    1. Hello Jerry, we talk more about this on the visa page. We will try to explain it a bit here. However, with these direct questions…once you get to Rwanda we suggest that you speak directly to immigration so they can best advise you. On a retirement visa, you are not allowed to work. There is another visa available for investors and it is the same price. The direct expectation for investors on that visa is not known at this time to My Cousin Connection. You can always transfer your visa type with the ministry if needed.

  2. Also, would I be able to build small local community education facilities and/or build community medical clinics?

    1. Hello Jerry,

      We suggest you register for a consulting with Jai Essence or join the group Zoom calls. That way you can discuss your plans in greater detail so we will not advise you incorrectly. When you say local, we are assuming you mean villages. It is definitely possible, but also suggested that you visit first in great detail so you have a better understanding of what is needed and where.

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