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I am so happy you stopped by.

My Cousin Connection was created with love and unity in mind. We understand that looking into a new country to relocate can leave you with many questions and needing help finding answers.  That is why we are here to help!

We have supported over a hundred families, all curious to learn about Rwanda, building a business, life for families, tax questions, cost of living, easy comfort, and so much more.  We also have space for like-minded people to come and communion as we embark on new journeys in this beautiful country. 

That is the basis of who we are, a “buddy system”, that supports the movement of expats to Rwanda. Our community honors the words…communication, optimism, unity, service, impact, and neighbor.  This is why we value our role as “COUSINS” as we work in this global society.

It’s simple. Here, you find a resource full of information about the beautiful people and the country of Rwanda.

Jai Essence

Want extra care & support?

We have got you covered!

The Cousin Care Support team offers a purposeful, detailed, and personalized program for My Cousin Care Connection members. This program was designed to ensure that those of us who are living aboard are safe and have an answer for both our personal and medical needs.

This VIP program is a limited offer as we reserve support for a few select members.  Email about the VIP program and membership. 

Making the Move to Rwanda? Already live there?

My Cousin Connection hosts monthly events, business opportunities, an active forum, and much more to put information right at our fingertips. With our commitment to personal care, support, and development, we are consistently evaluating and innovating our business model in an effort to ensure that we are what our community needs.

When you travel alone to live overseas it’s so important to find a community. You can’t do it alone.

Samantha Baker, Supporter

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Our Team Members

CEO & Founder
Jai Essence

Thank you for finding the family, I created My Cousin Connection to provide a warm space to help us with our relocation journey.  I am a firm believer that you can find a family anywhere in the world and here, we celebrate our commonalities as we expand our home internationally.  While working as CEO of My Cousin Connection, I have built a Youtube Channel under Jai Essence Journeys.  I also am the CEO of Hatima Farms, 365 Rwanda, and The Inzozi Center.  

Care Manager

I am a project coordinator and a dedicated care manager at My Cousin Connection. My passion is helping other people. Specializing in digital communication and marketing, I use that experience to give relocation advice and set up technical support for our people relocating to Rwanda. I am called in for translation, Business registration, and visa application assistance. I am an avid learner and traveler and love spending time with friends.

My Cousin Connection
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