Updates to the Class K Visa (Assured Income Visa)

Very recently, Rwanda added additional requirements to the Class K Visa, which is the one that is used most often for our retirees.  This visa allows you to live in Rwanda for two years at a time if you can prove “assured income”.  Assured income is your social security, retirement check, 401K, or any other promised monthly payment installments.  While this visa is popular, there are some updates that we discovered when talking with immigration that have not made it to their website yet.


Before you apply for this visa, it is recommended that you should have been in the country for almost 120 days. (that’s four months in a row) that is when you will have the ability to get your paperwork together (If you work with the My Cousin Care manager, we will work with you to have all necessary documents)

The threshold to be qualified for the Class K is currently at $3000 monthly income.

You will have to be insured by a Rwandan based health insurance company.  If you are 60 and under, you can use Radiant Insurance or Old Mutual (former UAP).  Old mutual has an option to get Eastern African Coverage which is a good idea as it will allow you to go to Kenya for treatment if needed.

In order to be insured, you will have to visit a doctor for a checkup here in Rwanda.   It is not hard to set up that service once you get here and once again, if you have a My Cousin Care Manager…we will support in that area. If you have a certificate to prove that you are retired, please bring that as well.

You will have to pay 150,000 Rwf (150 USD) to apply.  If you have all the needed paperwork ready your Class K Visa would be approved in 10 days, and if not, you will be given the six-month mark to complete everything required by Immigration office, and after you will pay an additional 150,000 to then receive the two-year visa.


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  1. I thought the Class K Visa was good for 10 years and every 6 months you have to leave the country then return. So has this changed to every two years? In addition to paying $300 US dollars every 2 years ( unless the price increases). Please let us know if the $3000 is for a couple or a single person. TU

    1. You are talking about the V12 visa….we have another article on that. Also, the price on the Class K is not $300 every two years…it is $150. Currently the price is $3000 per person but we have asked for an audience with the ministry leaders to amend that portion.

  2. Thank you for this article as I am in the midst of determining if I should get the 10 year Tourist Visa or the K Class Visa…Can I apply for the K Class Retiree Visa while in Rwanda? Also are their examples of a Visa CV and and application letter what should that include? Thank you in advance

    1. Hello….you can apply for both once you get here. You have time to decide as the process is quick. I always suggest just to come to Rwanda and get the visa on arrival. You can extend that for 90 days and use that time to make your final decision. I have examples of the entire visa application letter and everything on the relocatetorwanda.teachable.com course. That is designed to help you set yourself up completely.

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