The ONE Thing You Need to Survive These Rwandan Nights

You may think I am exaggerating.  I wish I could say I was, however based upon the number of people I see (especially new expats) we need to make sure you know how to survive the night in Rwanda, without massive mosquito bites.

It’s bad.  It’s real bad.  I mean people are walking around looking like they been attacked by doctor needles, they have whelped up everywhere!  Folks going to sleep looking like mummies and wrapped up from head to toe.  Look the mosquitos out here be on a mission and you are definitely their target.  Especially if you are new to Africa.  You are new, sweet blood and they want to feast on all you.

Basically, it will be Game of Thrones as soon as you land.  And there is strategy on the mosquito’s swarm.  They won’t mess with you when you land.  They will wait until you all snug in the bed and creep up and just attack.  Like ninjas.  You won’t even know you there.  You just wake up with the urge to scratch.  They good.  They are really good.

And you can come with your Western medicines…some will work, most will not.  Look, they been doing this thing for a while.  Skin so Soft aint gonna cut it.  Come with something DEET powered.  Show them you real with your safety measures.

But the big banger and the thing that works the BEST is sold ALL OVER Rwanda.  It’s call COCK BRAND and yes, it works!!

Plug it into your room at night and switch on  the light and you got your own army working on your behalf.

Honestly, I am not selling the stuff.  I get NO endorsement…it just works and you need to get it immediately and as many as possible.  And it is cheap as well.  Between 3,000 to 5,000 rwandan francs.

No joke.  Everyone needs to know about the Cock Brand.  It’s handles them little critters and keeps your skin melinated and smooth.

Don’t say we ain’t try to tell you.


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  1. LMBO!!! This is the real hookup. Me and the US mosquitos have an understanding…I see now…these are going to be different….I will be upping my game as soon as I arrive.

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