Rwanda Development Board
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What is RDB? Rwanda Development Board!

RDB, which stands for Rwanda Development Board, is the lifeline of business and investments in Rwanda.  This is the entity that helps you set up your organization, tax identification number and even advice and information.  The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) was established in 2009 to coordinate, spur and promote national economic development. RDB includes agencies responsible for “business registration, investment promotion, environmental clearances, privatization and specialist agencies which support the priority sectors of ICT and tourism as well as SMEs and human capacity development in the private sector

This presentation by Mr Lucky Philip (Head of Investment Marketing, Rwanda Development Board) during #FYIstival webinar ‘Understanding the Market Developments & Opportunities in Rwanda’ on 25 August 2020.  This truly shows the impact of the development board and statistically tracks their work and growth in the country.  



If you want to hear about the growth and opportunities, this is a presentation by Ms. Clare Akamanzi, CEO of the Rwanda Development Board, talking to the Singapore Business Federation.  There is a lot of great information so take notes!



During the Meet the President conference of 2019, Ms. Clare Akamanzi talks to the youth about being ready for the new vision for Rwanda.  Listening to this speech really shows how ready the leadership of Rwanda is about building a workforce that can sustain the work and tasks it takes for Rwanda to become a top producing country on the African continent.


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