Youtubers of Rwanda

Come Meet the YouTubers of Rwanda

Here are popular youtubers who post videos regarding life, living or tourism in Rwanda. Please note that the youtubers that we showcased are members of My Cousin Connection and have requested their channels to be featured.

Visit Plan Venture

VisitPlanVenture started her journey in Rwanda late 2020 and has regularly posted videos on Youtube explaining her adventures, sights around the city and details regarding her “Strategically Small” minimalistic living.



Unapologetic Nomads

From shopping, to eating, house hunting and fabulous tourist attractions. The Unapologetic Nomads leave no stone unturned while allowing viewers to experience the world of Rwanda live.


Jai Essence Journey

Setting herself on freeing and sometimes funny journey, Jai Essence has managed to capture the small details and funny stories as she figures out  the day to day living, while loving Rwanda.


Residential Tourists

Since deciding to pack it all up and move to Rwanda, The Residential Tourists have taken their cameras and family and documented the process every step of the way.



TheoisBack started documenting his journey over 3 years ago, using YouTube as a portal to expose the world to life in Rwanda. Providing insight to learning Kinyarwanda, life in Rwanda and a variety of topics. He continues to keep a strong pulse on the Rwandan community.

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