Shipping…..So Here is a Breakdown of What You Need to Know

Shipping.  Whew.  There is so much to say and so much that still needs to be stated.

So, here is what you need to know.  You have to do the research, seriously.  Like real research…with a pen and paper, and calling multiple resources to find out what is true and not.  There are a lot of rumors and actually different circumstances, so it doesn’t make a shipping an easy answer.

We will try to break down some simple truths and at least give you a starting point of where you are going.

  •  Your starting point in the US will count towards calculation.  It’s different if you are shipping from Texas, or Ohio, or New York.  The further away you are from a port, the more you have to calculate the cost of travel to get the items to the port of destination.
  • By law, only a certain number of containers are allowed on the ocean during a given amount of time.  This means you have to schedule your items to be shipped and doesn’t guarantee a space for what you are looking to bring.  This can also drive your costs as well, because during busy times of the year the containers are harder to find and cost more.
  • Shipping times are not guaranteed, there has been items that have taken over three months or more to arrive.  A typical shipping route must travel not only overseas, but will port in Tanzania and have to be driven over the border into Rwanda.  You must also ensure that when you are speaking with your supplier, they have the driving costs, schedule, and information included as well.
  • Once you enter Rwanda, you may still have to deal with a customs tax on top of what has already been paid for shipping.  Its best to make sure you ask not only will you be taxed, but about the individual items.  Cars have an import tax of a higher rate than other goods.  Also, the older a car is…the higher the tax rate will be.


Here are a few numbers that have been used by our cousins.  We are not endorsing any company, just giving you a starting ground to work on.

The first person that you should reach out to is Mr. Ludovic Bernad (+1 805 441 5294) or (+250 785 815 647).  Ludovic is recommended because he has lived in the United States and Rwanda and really knows the ins and outs of what expats needs.  He also will discuss with you about best shipping choices, especially with electronics, housing and cars.  Another prime item is that he has shown a vast knowledge of understanding the customs and where exemptions can fall and also what little things can raise the price.  He works with you and support the need.  At this time, we have cousins who have used him.

Another company is asking for people to send an email with specifications, They want to have the city or port of origin and your items.  Contact information is www.umojalogistics.co.rw  Email info@umojalogistics.co.rw  Telephone number +250783940444

Also, Air7Seas has decent reviews on Facebook. The website is as follows https://www.air7seas.com/

If you want to focus on just shipping a car or anything on wheels, https://www.shipoverseas.com/ will give a free quote and help you figure out timings and options.

The link below is the official website for RRA and import information.





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