Investing With Impact With Ms. Therese

My great African adventure began on September 25, 2020, when I arrived in Kigali, Rwanda!

Hi, my name is Thérèse Rose-Parker.  I am a Principal Partner in SW Florida Impact Partners, LLP, an African-American community development fund in Ft. Myers, FL and Founder/CEO of Domino Strategy Consulting, LLC, a business management firm.

I am very excited to now be living my African adventure!  My move to the continent was for a number of reasons.  Mainly, to claim the heritage of my ancestors, to continue to build a legacy for my descendants and to bring beneficial Impact to the people that have so lovingly received and embraced me as part of their African family and community.

I am honored that Jai invited me to author a periodic article for My Cousin Connection highlighting business investment opportunities here in Rwanda and in surrounding East African countries.

My goal in writing this initial article is to assemble those of you that are interested in exploring a proposal to partner and to form an international impact investment fund. Once I have received the names of two or more parties that would like to explore the possibilities, a meeting will be scheduled.

Below is a link to the RDB website that gives information on the sectors of the economy that are open for investment in Rwanda.  Rwanda has many sectors in which to invest.

Also, you can take a look at a short video of an investment opportunity in the East African region.  Sample: East African Sector Investment

You can reach out to me @

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