Rwanda Vision 2050

Vision 2050 of Rwanda

What is the Rwanda’s 2050 Vision?

The Vision 2050 sets a new pathway that will lead the country to the living standards of upper middle income by 2035 and high income countries by 2050. This Vision 2050 has overarching objectives of promoting Economic Growth and Prosperity.

“We don’t want to be a status quo country or status quo people. Vision 2020 was about what we had to do in order to survive and regain our dignity. But Vision 2050 has to be about the future we choose, because we can, and because we deserve it.

Rwandans will not be satisfied to live paycheck to paycheck, harvest to harvest, without accumulating wealth and financial security.

They want to live close to the families they love and watch them thrive.

 Access to world-class education, right here at home.

They aspire to travel the world in search of new ideas and experiences, unhindered by barriers. And then fly proudly back home to Rwanda, because there is no other place, they would rather live. If this sounds right, then we are together. That means: Not alone, but all of us.-H.E President Paul KAGAME Stated.

Rwanda has undergone several development phases starting from the aftermath of the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 which focused much on recovery; the early 2000s where the Vision 2020 was elaborated, and gave a blueprint for a new Rwanda embarking on economic development aspirations and post-2010 a period that intensified efforts to lay foundations for sustained growth through investing in human capital, developing basic infrastructure and expanding access to various services.

You can download a PDF Reading  of Rwanda’s 2050 Plan English-Vision .  You can also Watch this Video trying to break it down:



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