What is UMUGANURA DAY in Rwanda?

Every first Friday of August, Rwandans celebrate Rwandan national cultural thanksgiving – a day many can’t afford to spend to miss. This is UMUGANURA DAY

Traditionally called Umuganura, the day used to feature ceremonies of firstfruits where the community had to bring tributes from the first harvest to the king whom they believed was the main provider. Well, I’m pretty sure that even spelling the Word UMUGANURA won’t be easier for you unless you started learning  Kinyarwanda.

So, people gather to share Staple food, essentially beans and sorghum paste with pumpkins and other traditional greens. They would also share sorghum beer, fermented milk, and as time passed, banana beer.

Umuganura has remained the only event that brings Rwandans together and helps them to remember their roots, especially traditional feasting.

This is a day Rwandans celebrate all achievements and set more strategies for future sustainable development through homegrown solutions. However, today we will not celebrate as usual since public gatherings are not permitted due to covid.

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