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Where can I donate old items In Rwanda?

We’ve tried to gather places and methods you can use to support needy families. Whether in clothing that you no longer use or other means you need to help, such as providing food and more … Below we have tried to make a list of charity organizations that provide assistance to the very poor. Most of them are not based on religion, and they all share the same vision of building a happy family. If you need to donate something, you can use their email or phone numbers and visit their websites, and these organizations can find you where you are and come to collect the aid you want to give to these needy people … In this Article we will continue to add many more organizations.



Vision And Mission

The Vision of Caritas Rwanda is to achieve a society that provides human dignity in which every human being was created; the dignity deprived by discrimination, extreme poverty, sickness and injustice. Caritas assists the vulnerable through its socio-welfare activities, health and development initiatives. All these activities are based on Charity.

Address: KN 76 St, Kigali (You can also find their branches at any catholic church across the country).

Phone: 0788 300 787





They aim to preserve dignity, accelerate the recovery process, and promote health equity for vulnerable patients in public hospitals.

Address: Kabuga, Kigali, Rwanda

Phone: 0785 647 102



3.Love To Help Rwanda

Their mission is to serve the disadvantaged people living with HIV/AIDS and fight against poverty in Rwanda. Compelled love, compassion and commitment, They want to bring safety, security, self-sustainability and greater self-esteem to the most vulnerable.

Phone:0788 830 579 



4.Nufashwa Yafasha Organization

Vision: Create reasonable career prospects for financially weak and vulnerable rural Rwandan families and strengthen community solidarity through the provision of quality education, material support, and awareness campaigns.

Phone: 0782 268 218


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