Information About Schools in Kigali

Kigali International Community School

KG 408 St, Kigali
+250 783 307 282
[email protected]

Year Founded: 2006
Language: English
Other languages used/taught: French is taught as a foreign language. English Language Learning Services are also provided at no additional cost to students who need additional support in English language acquisition.
Curriculum: American
Student Enrollment period: KICS has a rolling admissions process. Applications are accepted as long as there are places available in a particular grade level.

Grade Levels:
Kindergarten- Grade 12

After School/Extracurricular Activities: After school activities vary by grade level. In secondary, KICS currently offer Model United Nations, Student Council, Basketball, Football, and Cross Country. Primary activities include science club, swimming, football, Bible club, Tae Kwon Do, and Kinyarwanda dance.

Class size: The maximum class size in secondary is 24 students. The maximum class size in upper primary is 22 students, and the class size in lower primary is 18 students.

What makes KICS unique? KICS is an international school with students from 22 different countries. Students have the unique opportunity to interact with staff and students from all over the world. In addition, KICS is US-accredited, meaning that a KICS diploma or report card has the same credibility of one earned in the States.

How does KICS support children with different learning styles or needs? KICS has a Learning Support program to serve the needs of its students. The learning support program includes a gifted/talented program, English Language Learning, and support for students with mild to moderate special needs.

Today, KICS has more than 270 students from 25 nationalities.


International School Of Kigali

KG 517 St
+250 786 725 369
[email protected]

Language: English
Curriculum: American

Grade Levels:
EC2 & EC3
EC4 & Kindergarten
Elementary-Grade 12


Green Hills Academy

KG 278 St., Nyarutarama, Kigali (behind the MTN Center)
PO BOX 6419, Kigali
+250 735832348
[email protected]

Grade Level

Day Care (Half Day) / Day Care (Half Day with lunch) / Day Care (Full Day)

Tiny Tots ./ Tiny Tots (Blended)

Primary Grades 1 – 12 IB

Boarding for Grades 7-12

Happy Hearts Rwanda

Day Care: KG Street 672, Plot 3, Kimihurura
Preschool: Happy Heart Preschool: KG 670 Street, plot 34, Kimihurura
+250 788 300 512
[email protected]

Language: English and French
Other languages used/taught: Kinyarwanda through songs
Student Enrolment Period: Year round, depending on availability
Per Term Tuition Fees

Please contact Happy Hearts directly

Grade Levels:
1-2 Yrs
3-5 Yrs (children can start Preschool when they turn 3)

Happy Hearts welcomes children from 10 to 36 months, offering a Montessori-certified system (members of American Montessori Society). They are a bilingual school (English and French), open the whole year. At the moment they have 16 nationalities in house (among the children), and the teachers and assistants are continuously trained and assessed.

Year Founded
Happy Hearts has started as “Daycare and Nursery” in 2015. In September 2016, Happy Hearts opened its second school, “Happy Hearts Preschool”, to welcome the three to six year old children, and “Happy Hearts Daycare” welcomes the One to Three year olds.

What after School/Extracurricular Activities are available?
Happy Hearts Preschool offers Dance, Karate and arts and gardening which are included in the class schedule during the morning. There is NO extra charge for these activities. Happy Hearts Daycare provides dance, arts and gardening with no extra charge.

Average student to teacher ratio:
Daycare: 1 to 15 students with two teacher’s assistant
Preschool: 1 to 15 students with one teacher’s assistant

What makes Happy Hearts unique?
The school provides a learning environment with a child centric approach where children learn to explore and become independent learners.

How do you support children with different learning styles or needs? Happy Hearts understands children have different learning style and need, and respects their differences. Through the Montessori philosophy, children are encouraged to learn at their own pace in a loving and caring environment. There is an emphasis on learning through all five senses rather than the traditional listening, watching and reading. In Montessori programs, there is a focus on learning that leads to concentration, self-discipline and a love of learning. Finally, the Happy Hearts teacher’s responsibility is to create an environment that enhances the development of each child. The child then acts on this prepared environment at their particular stage of development.


Ecole Belge de Kigali

BP 268
KN 78 St
(+250) 780 575929
[email protected]

2019 Registration Form

Year Founded: 1965
Language: French
Other languages used/taught: English, Dutch, Spanish, Kinyarwanda
Average student to teacher ratio: between 18 and 23 students per class

Kindergarten – Grade 12

What after School/Extracurricular Activities are available? The proposed activities vary each year. Please refer to our website to have full list.

What makes EBK unique? International diploma giving access to a wide range of worldwide universities. Most of the school’s teachers are from Belgium.

How do you support children with different learning styles or needs? EBK has one teacher dedicated for support in the different classes, remediation, working in smaller groups, logopède, and psychologist.


Doves Montessori

Kimihurura, KG 617 Street – Kigali, Rwanda
(Behind the Kigali Convention Centre)

+250 784 334 095
[email protected]

Language: English
Curriculum Style: Montessori

Grade Levels
Daycare (18 months – 3 years old)

Preschool (3 – 6 years old)

Primary (6 – 11 years old)


Discovery International School

KG 14 Ave

+250 788 306 754
[email protected]

Language: English and French
Curriculum Style: UK Early Years Foundation Stage

Grade Levels
Infants (6-12 mos)
Babies (1-2 yrs)
Babies (2 yrs)
Nursery (3-6 yrs)


Blooming Buds School

Behind the Rwanda Housing Authority,
Near King Faisal Hospital,
KG256 Door No: 921,
+250 787 304 890
[email protected]

Language:  French and Englis

Grade Levels

Creche / Nursery / Primary


Maranatha Academy

TMA logo.png


No 1, 406 Street

Gacuriro Vision 2020 Estate
+250 781 889 070
[email protected]

Language of instruction: English

Grade Levels

Toddler class (age 2)
Nursery 1 and 2 (ages 3 and 4)
Nursery 3

What makes The Maranatha Academy unique?
The Maranatha Academy (TMA) was inspired by the desire to make excellent quality Christian education a viable option to the families of Kigali, Rwanda.  In today’s fast paced world, and with all the demands modern parents face on their time and other resources, there is a pressing need for a nurturing environment for children to learn and grow – mentally, spiritually, and socially.
TMA subscribes to the idea that a child needs to develop holistically, and a school should provide an environment that facilitates this. The school premises are set up to be age-appropriate, attractive and appealing to the senses of a young child.  Children shall learn through various forms of activity: music, play, exercises to develop motor and other skills, practical life skills and outdoor activity such as tending to the school garden.

TMA Vision:
A model generation of Christian youth who are bold about their faith, with superior academic skills that enable them to contribute meaningfully to their communities, both in terms of sustainable development, but also spiritual outreach.

TMA Mission:
To provide excellent quality Christ-centered education; equipping our students with the requisite skills to become productive and successful adults; and to empower young people to live out their faith.

Our objectives include:
Emphasis on holistic education practices, encompassing the academic, physical and spiritual, as well as programs that develop practical and artistic skills
Focus on individual child development through small teacher-student ratio
Promotion of greater parent involvement and participation to create a positive and sustained learning environment between home and school

CREATION Kids is a modern, web-based, electronic Christian curriculum that shall be implemented by teachers who have undergone training by the US-based educators who developed the program. The CREATION Kids curriculum aims to help children lead healthier, happier lives, through the following Principles: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook, and Nutrition. Children will have the opportunity to take part in engaging lessons, worship sessions, and activities in the areas of language, writing and mathematics.

Trinity International Academy

KG430 ST Kagugu, Gate No.2
+250 781 414 202
[email protected]

Year Founded: 01
Language of Instruction: English
Other languages used/taught: French, Kinyarwanda and Itorero
Student Enrollment period: August to May school calendar

Grade Levels

2.5 – 3 years old

4 – 5 years old

5 – 6 years old

7 – 12 years old

13 – 15 years old

16 – 18 years old

What after School/Extracurricular Activities are available? Sports, Art, Science club
Average student to teacher ratio: one teacher to 15 students

What makes the school unique?
A curriculum that emphasizes Goal-setting as a life skill and Character development. Personalized curriculum that focuses on mastery of one level before moving on to the next.

How do you support children with different learning styles or needs?
The main approach to learning is based on a child’s ability to read and write. These two aspects are trained in the children for four years (age 3-6 yrs). Literacy is taught to children who join at older ages.

Our vision: A generation of disciplined citizens who Christian character positively influences society.

Our values: Responsibility, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence and Service.


Wellspring Academy

KG 270 Street, Nyarutarama
+250 786 162 427
[email protected]

Year Founded: 2007
Language: English
Other languages used/taught: French

Curriculum:  Wellspring Academy follows the Cambridge International Examinations Curriculum. This system provides students with quality international curriculum and accreditation, global exposure and increased education connections. In IGCSE (Cambridge Secondary 2, grade 9 and 10) students choose options from the Science Option (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Humanities option (History, Economics and Geography).  On top of the option chosen, students take compulsory courses which are English, French and Computer/ICT.
Class size: The maximum class size is 26 students per class.

Grade Levels





IGCSE (G9, G10)

Level (G11, G12)

Our vision: To produce a new generation of servant leaders to bless Rwanda and display the best of Rwanda to the world.

Our mission: To educate and equip students to become highly skilled, Godly leaders, and agents of community transformation.

Philosophy of education: We believe that each of our students is created in the image of God with unique abilities and potential.

Student Enrollment period: Wellspring Academy Applications are accepted every July.

What after School/Extracurricular Activities are available? The spacious compound facilitates play for children. They have play grounds for Basketball and football. The school also offers music classes. Holiday Camps are organized during holidays.

What makes Wellspring Academy Unique? Wellspring academy is unique because they provide Christ centered education where high expectations held within a challenging curriculum provide the foundation for all students to become enthusiastic, persistent and competent learners. The teachers and administrators seek to model and develop within each student values that demonstrate a genuine care, love and respect for others, God and the world He created. The motto is “Not To be Served, but to Serve.”


Umubano Primary School

Kabeza Niboye Valley
Kicukiro, Kigali, Rwanda

Year Founded: Umubano Primary School opened in 2013
Language of Instruction: English
Other languages used/taught: Kinyarwanda and French
Student Enrollment period: All year round depending on the age of the child

Grade Level

Nursery 1 – Primary 4
Primary 5 – Primary 6

What after School/Extracurriculur Activities are available? We have an after school club which is offered to children who have older siblings studying in P5 and P6. This club features a range of exciting activities from Arts and Crafts to Drama and Sports

Average student to teacher ratio: 13:1 in Nursery, 30:1 in Primary with additional Assistants for Special Educational Needs and P1 class

What makes your school unique? Our school, which is supported by the British NGO A Partner in Education, is a low fee school that blends the Rwandan curriculum with international methodology. We have an International Education Advisor based at the school to support the continuous development of our staff and learners’ progress. Our Nursery section is exemplary with outstanding staff who provide an enabling and stimulating environment for our small children to learn through play and exploration. Our primary section  supports the holistic development of children and particularly emphasizes critical thinking and developing a reading culture in learning.

How do you support children with different learning styles or needs?

Our school has disabled access meaning that no child is excluded from studying here.  All of our teachers have been trained in Inclusive Education. In 2016, the teaching staff completed an Online Training program which focused on supporting children through differentiation in the classroom. Teachers tailor the curriculum to the needs of their learners and know how to offer extra support through 1:1 intervention, group activities or creating harder/ easier tasks as necessary. We have a full time SEN teacher to support children with additional needs and a SEN assistant who helps in class to support individual children as needed.

Any other information you would like to include?

Umubano Primary School, in Kabeza, Kigali follows the Rwandan curriculum, specializing in English, ICT and Quality Early Years provision. It is an inclusive environment with highly trained teachers from all over East Africa. The school is linked to APIE, a UK based charity which provides financial support and capacity building in the form of an International Education Advisor who is based at the school, ensuring that high quality is maintained and the standards continue to rise.

We have Nursery classes for 3-4 year olds, 4-5 year olds and 5-6 year olds. Primary level starts for children who are 6 years old and we have all levels from P1 to P6. Our classes have small class sizes and good adult: child ratios.


The Earth School

KN 46 Street #4, Kiyovu
+250 722 479 137
[email protected]

Language: English and French
Curriculum: Montessori

Grade Levels: 

Pre-Primary (ages 2-3)
Primary (ages 3-6)
Elementary (ages 6-12)
After School Program (daily from 3-6PM)
Summer Camp Program (June to August)

The Earth School specializes in nurturing global citizens through a whole-child approach.  This is the result of excellent academics, a character building program based on universal human values, environmental awareness, and a multicultural outlook on life during the most important years of life.

Why The Earth School?

  • Member of the International Montessori Council.

  • Adheres to international academic standards and the Code of Ethics and Principles of Good Practice of the Montessori Foundation.

  • English/French programs. French preparation to pass the DELF-PRIM examination approved by the French Government.

  • Select school community with a limited number of students to provide individualized experience to children and families.

  • Green School and multicultural environment with more than 20 nationalities represented each year.

  • A loving, caring and respectful child-centered environment fostering self-confidence, independence and cooperation.

  • Inquiry-based approach to learning that fosters the development of 21st. century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and leadership.

The school is dedicated to children of families working for embassies, international non-profit organizations, companies and Rwandan families interested in providing their children with the high-quality international education.  After their Earth School experience, students continue to succeed in other international schools in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Japan, Rwanda, and many other countries around the world.


The Earth School offers a bilingual English/French program and works with students in age cohorts following the Montessori approach.  Attention is individualized to identify areas of strength and support, academically as well as socially and emotionally.


Enrollment opportunities become available for new students when current families move and spaces open as a result.  Enquiries from interested families are always welcome and joining during the school year is possible based on availability of spaces.  The school year runs from August/September to June.

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