Health Insurance Options for Expats in Rwanda

Moving overseas, one of the most important conversations you SHOULD have is regarding healthcare and your health care coverage.  Once you begin living internationally, you have a lot more options…and a lot more questions.

What type of questions?

  •  Would traveler’s insurance work for me or do I get health insurance?  What will my current policy allow?
  • What is the healthcare costs in my country of choice?
  • What are my current health needs and concerns?
  • What type of coverage do I need and which countries provide the best private hospitals?
  • Will you be in one location or will you significantly travel and visit multiple places?
  • Will I visit the states often?  If I am older, am I covered through government services so I won’t have to worry about my options?

We are going to try to help you with some information so you can make your best choice.  We also have some connections that My Cousin Connection has made so you can find out what works best for you.

Coverage Locations

You can get a health insurance plan that covers the following:

  • Rwanda and the Eastern African Countries
  • All of Africa
  • All of Africa plus India
  • All of Africa plus International (not including US)
  • Worldwide

Due to health care cost in the US, the policies that include the USA and health care are significantly higher. This is based on the cost of health care and not necessarily the quality of heath care.


Rwanda has a good health care program and good private hospitals.  The doctors are modern and will refer you to other doctors in other countries if there is a procedure or something that can not be handled.

Based upon Scimago Institution Rankings, out of the African hospitals that are in the top five, two are in Kenya, one is in Tanzania, the other two are in South Africa.   These rankings are consistent throughout our research.

If you are coming from America, what you think you would pay for a health procedure is not true.  Heath care is SIGNIFICANTLY lower in Africa as well in many, many countries throughout the world.

If you look at the Rwanda coverage,  with Eastern African countries…you will be quoted a rate that is based upon the currency of that region.  Therefore, it is significantly lower…but also healthcare cost is much lower.  Same for pharmacy needs, dentist procedures and more.


We actually reached out to a couple of different insurance companies and we welcome you to do the same.  In our research, we work with two different individuals now to connect you to the best options.

Local:  A company named UAP, we will send an email to Jean.  That coverage starts 28 days from your sign up and covers Rwanda and East African countries including Kenya.  UAP is one of the very, very few private insurance companies as it is popular for coverage to come from your employer or just pay out of pocket in Rwanda.  (Rwanda also has a system for locals to receive care)

Africa & Worldwide:  We work currently with Pacific Prime, we have a broker (Matthew) who will compare all options for your based upon your individual or family needs and will talk you through your best options.  We would send an email to him to ensure you are supported in your research.

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  1. I am so glad that I joined my cousin connection as part of my research before my family moves to Rwanda from the the USA in June 2023! Once we arrive I will be able to make the suggested contacts for healthcare insurance, which pleased me that you have made it very easy for us.
    Also, I appreciate this article.

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