Do You Know Your Momo Codes?

Mobile Money is an app that is known as MoMo. This app helps to transfer or receive money in an easy way using your mobile phone, especially during this period of  covid 19 rules everyone is using this app to reduce the risks of spreading it through cash. And with it there is no need to risk yourself by holding cash with you or taking your ATM card  everywhere you go .

This app is nice and fast and you can connect it to your bank account instead of going to the ATM or at the bank, you just transfer the amount of money you need from your account to your momo account.

There are two networks in Rwanda which are MTN(mobile money) or Airtel & Tigo(money). And depending on the network that you use, you can download it this way. 

  1. First one has to download the  MTN/Airtel Mobile Money & Tigo Money app from the Google App play store.
  2. Post downloading, register yourself on the app by providing a valid email id.
  3. The app does not ask the user to maintain a minimum balance as the users can even opt for a zero balance account as well. Yet, this way charges you.

However, there is an easiest way to register yourself .Usually whenever you’re buying your sim card  wherever you are whether you are at the network center or an agent, you ask them to register you there and it doesn’t cost you anything.

MTN Codes & Rules

  • After registration there are codes you need to dial and depending on what you want to do you will have to follow rules. For MTN Momo you dial *182# and follow rules.

Here are the most popular rules:

    •  If you want to transfer money to the momo user press *182*1*1*the person’s telephone number*Pin/passcode.
      • Please know, you always need to double check the name mentioned and see if it’s the same person you wanted to send to. The name will be mentioned right after putting in the number of receivers.  You can NOT retrieve a payment once it is sent.
    • If you want to buy airtime for yourself press *182*2*1*1*1*amount of airtime *Pin#.
    • If you want to buy airtime for another person press *182*2*1*1*2*amount of airtime*number of the person*pin#.
    • If you want to buy electricity press *182*2*2*1*1*Your Cash power number*amount of money you want to pay*your pincode/password#.
    • If you want to pay a service press *182*8*1*code number(you get it from who you going to pay service )*amount of money you have to pay*pincode/password#.
    • You can also transfer money from your bank account to your momo and it it’s free charge. However, when transferring from your momo to your bank they will charge you depends on how much you’re transferring but it’s cheap and it doesn’t take to long.
      • Here are list of banks that can do that:
  1. KCB
  2. I&M bank
  3. BK(bank of kigali)
  4. GT bank
  6. BPR bank
  7. COGEbank

Press *182*4*2*your bank number(ex:1 if it’s kcb)*your bank account number*amount of money you want to transfer*pin/passcode#

N.B: Sometimes the arrangement changes that’s why you always have to read and see which section are you in and what’s next.

Please note this, in case you send your money to the wrong number (MTN to MTN) call immediately Mtn call center dial 100 and depending on language you speak you’ll have to follow rules they’re giving you to get your problems solved.

  • For Airtel money you dial *500# and follow rules too.

Airtel Money Codes & Rules:

  • If you want to buy an airtime
    • Dial *500# or *182#
    • Select option 2 – Buy Airtime
    • Enter the amount
    • Enter the mobile number
    • Enter your PIN to confirm
  • You want to send money from airtel to airtel
    • Dial *500# or *182#
    • Select option 1 – Transfer Money
    • Enter your recipient’s phone number
    • Enter the amount you want to send
    • Enter PIN to confirm the transfer


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