Name of Business: Unapologetic Nomads Sales and Promotions Ltd.

The goals of Unapologetic Nomads Sales and Promotions, Ltd. are to collaborate with businesses on the African continent and abroad in order to help promote good services and to assist travelers with their planning in order to help make their journeys as enjoyable and smooth as possible.

List of services:
Travel/ Relocation Consultation
Business Advertisement
Travel Service Packages
House, Commercial Property and Land Search Virtual Tours

Business Commercial Package

Contact Information:
Social Media:
Instagram: Unapologetic Nomads
Twitter: UnapologeticNo3
YouTube: Unapologetic Nomads
Thank you for this very informative videos on the cost of living and conditions in Rwanda, please continue to do videos like this so we can be aware of the prices in Africa, so whoever plans on visiting Africa, can carefully pick which country to travel to for vacations and exploration. Your work is important for those of us who want to move to the continent one day. — Action Jackson (YouTube)


Peace and Love Unknown Traveler and family! I’ve been tuned in to your videos on your travels in the motherland! Thank you truly for the beautiful videos off the top! I know it’s a lot of work! So thank you truly! Also thank you for keeping it so so real on a lot of topics when it comes to the motherland and how you move and function over in the motherland! Thank you! Business as well! Thank you for your enlightenment on that aspect as well! Peace and love truly from Seattle! — Don Ray (YouTube)



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