Name of Business: Soft Landing Facilitations Rwanda Ltd.
+(250) 788 656 568
+(250) 791 590 506
+1 (803) 738 6727

Business Category: Relocation

List of Services:
  • Language interpretation
  • Assistance with visa/residency for qualified applicants
  • Best Rates for currency exchange
  • Mobile Phone set up & sim cards
  • Locating Homes & Apartments
  • and much more!
Location: P.O. Box 1561

The company name is SOFT LANDING FACILITATIONS RWANDA Ltd, built around the fact that Rwanda is one of the fastest developing countries in Africa with the most attractive landscape, natural forests, beautiful parks and central to the rest of the East and Central Africa Countries. In its 2050 vision, the emphasis is on universal access to improved living standards; sustained food security; protection of the Rwandan family, and universal access to quality affordable services in health, education, finance, housing, energy, infrastructure, etc… and there a number of expats willing to be integrated here, which is our specialization to be.

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