We have been called in to set up housing help, shopping trips, and provide translation services and much more. Honestly, every need is different and we are constantly evolving to ensure we can support your transition as much as possible.

You never know what exactly you may need assistance with, and we have our care managers here to help.

Care Manager Half Day Rate

  • You Provide Transportation

Care Manager Full Day Rate

  • You Provide Transportation

Care Manager Full Day Rate

  • Transportation Included (Rav 4)

Lifestyle City Tour of Kigali*

  • Includes Q&A Session, Guide, & Transportation
  • Pick Up at your location
  • Snacks
  • City Tour which includes:
  • •Learning neighborhoods of Kigali
  • •Markets and malls locations
  • • Important Museums & Places
  • •“Town”
  • •Special requests (within city limits)
  • Lunch at designated location (meal cost not included)
  • Drop off at Designated Location
  • Est. Time 5-6 hours
  • Family Rate Available

Ready for Rwanda Package*

  • Pickup By My Cousin Connection
  • Review Documents
  • Register for Rwanda Number (MTN)
  • Set up all banking information
  • Training on the Momo system and set up
  • Drop off at designated location
  • Est. Time 5-6 hours

Visa Support Services Package*

  • Transportation on pick up day
  • Support & Review of all Documents
  • Application of Desired Visa
  • Follow Up and support with Immigration
  • Est Time (4-5 hours, separated into 2 (two) days)

Business Registration*

  • Care Manager
  • Support with all paperwork and documentation
  • RDB follow up
  • Check of Business Name
  • Step by Step support through the document
  • Est 2-3 hours

Closing of Business*

  • Support with all paperwork
  • Check for Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Follow Up with RRA
  • Proper documentation filing
  • Filing through all steps
  • Support with Getting Business Removal Certificate from RRA
  • Support with compliance with government protocols
  • Filing the Deregistration Request with RDB
  • Follow Up with RDB
  • Est.2-3hours and 2 Separate days

*Please note, sometimes services may take more than one day to complete due to circumstances outside of our control. My Cousin Connection is committed to seeing your process through to the end.