If you are just looking for an overview regarding investing in Rwanda and if it is a good move, check out the following link.  This video by RDB gives you an idea about the growth and economy of Rwanda. 

Rwanda is very open and excited about new ideas and innovation.  A simple (yes, even unscheduled) trip to RDB can give you the conversation you need to drive you in the correct direction.  Many people have told me how helpful and excited the RDB is in providing resources and information to ensure you are on the right track for creating your business, especially if they can foresee the impact on the economy and job creation.


Africa Do Business is a website that has done research regarding great opportunities for investment when it comes to different African countries.  The following link further explains their breakdown of Rwandan investments.


The answer is simple, it is very possible to find opportunities to invest in a multitude of businesses.  Whether you want to get into real estate, technology, agriculture or the arts….there is  a way to figure out your niche and place your energy there.



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