Rwanda’s Food and Drugs Authority has suspended several companies from Drinking water production  and was authorized to remove all related water batches released on market. These include:


  1. AQUA WATER Ltd (Kimironko Sector, Kibagabaga Cell)
  2. CCHAF JIBU Franchise Ltd( Kanombe Sector, Kabeza Cell)
  3. IRIBA WATER Ltd(Kimironko Sector, Bibare Cell)
  4. J WAY Group( Nyarugunga Sector, Nonko Cell)
  5. JIBU PHESTIVE Ltd( Kimironko Sector, Bibare Cell)
  6. PERFECT Water Ltd(Kimironko Sector, Bibare Cell)
  7. sip kicukiro LTD(Kicukiro Sector, Gasave Cell)

Rwanda FDA concludes this by advising the public  to take note of the notice and find alternative options availablemon the market.

NOTE: For more information or clarification, please call0789193529 or send an email to info@rwanda


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